If else & Nested If else

If your condition is TRUE only then the body of if statement will be executed.If your condition is FALSE then it will be skipped the body of if statement.When we use an else statement with if then body of else statement will be executed when condition of if is false

For Loop

In C++, Loops are sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until the end condition will false . In this article you will learn to create a for loop in C++ programming.Loop repeats a specific part of the code until end condition is met. There are 3 types of loop but here we are focusing on “For loop”.


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Break & Cont Statement

There are two statements in C++, break; & continue; for making program more efficient.Both statements shows their work by their names. Continue statement is use when you want to skip some specific conditions Break statement is use when you desirably skip the execution of a part of your program


In programming, functions is a segment of the code that performs a specific task. Depending on whether a function is predefined or created by programmer, there are two types of functions: User-defined functions Built-in functions